Seeking a break from the hum-drum rigmarole of the urbanized life, I was in a deep sleep and saw a village at the foot hills where the starting point of the trek was, I saw a few kids playing uninhabited, women working in the fields and singing aloud joyfully, men walking with the mules chatting in clear friendly tones which made me realise that life is so simple, happy and uncomplicated.

I started walking on a beautiful, green and quite path and not a very old man joined me. Both of us walked together for a while without talking to each other and soon the man walked ahead of me leading the way. I would speed up at times or run a little to catch up with him and secretly even try to overtake him. 

I was dreaming in a dream where beating the competition, being the best student, best speaker, best employee, bagging the best project ….probably competition had become a second nature to me in this fast moving urbanized world. Asking questions to my own self, “Am I actually enjoying walking and appreciating the nature or am I bothered about beating someone in the race!”

Since my counterpart was more acclimatized with the track he was able to take a sizable lead but I kept my eyes glued on him all the while, least I lose the way.

From a distance I saw the man bend and pick something. In the mean while I had bridged the gap between the two of us and with all the curiosity, questions and filled mind I asked, “What did you just pick?”

Man pulled out something from his bag .He opened his fist to show me a white gleaming rock – a diamond – the size of a kidney bean .It shone brilliantly in day light almost blinding me for a moment, leaving me startled. “It is a diamond, you know. It must be worth a fortune!”I said.

The Man was neither impressed nor excited. He simply looked at it as if it was any other pebble. “Your life will change … it will fetch you enough money to last your lifetime “I said with shaking disbelief.  He still said nothing. “My God, you have found a treasure. Aren’t you thrilled? I said. With a calm smile the man said” that is not true”

“Well if you don’t believe me, give it to me” I said.

 “To my sheer disbelief, without wasting a second the man handed the stone to me and said “If this stone makes you happy and can change your life, you keep it”.

My jaw dropped for a moment I froze in my skin. He was handing me over a treasure without a second thought!

The rest of my trek went in a jiffy.

Years have flown by since then, I got the Diamond evaluated and I was right, it was worth a huge sum of money, more than something I could have earned in my lifetime.

But with growing silver in my hair and worldly wisdom a sense of guilt also grew, I had processed something for years which was not earned or even spotted by me!  Within me a maze of questions developed, this maze entrapped me and I started seeking answers to them all.

Once again I embarked on the same trek hoping to find solace and to quieten the uproar in my mind. Uncertain about the track and the guide I did reach the village to find the man in the village dispensary!

 He recognised me instantly and looked straight into my eyes. I wanted to seize the moment; the calm in his eyes, the aura around him had almost gripped me”.

 How have you been? Is everything ok with you?” I heard the man say “Yes all is fine “I said but something was amiss and he sensed it.

 What is it that you have come to seek?” asked the man.

“That noble heart, that unattached thought, how do you get the strength to part with precious possessions like diamonds?”

Now again dreaming in a dream these diamonds are my friends branded dresses, shoes, cars, house, feelings of jealousy, anger, proud, misunderstandings, painful words…probably my whole life zapped in with a eye blink…..

“How is it that you can keep calm in the face of finding and giving away?”

“How is it that you remain so happy?”

“I need to learn to be satisfied, to be happy with what I have, to be magnanimous; I need to learn to control my thinking pattern.

I wish I could practically behave the way I think I want”.

This dream have had an indelible imprint in my life and have left a never lasting trail … a trail of happiness to cherish which I could never have found without this man who is A Friend.. A mentor.. A guide … A Stroller….. A Beholder in my mind or life.

And yes, that’s the story behind:

The Life Trails- towards happier you.


We’re On A Mission
Of Big Changes.