Child & Adolescent counselling helps to learn to identify the causes of stress, anxiety and unwanted feelings, improve skills in asking for help and expressing emotions and increase life skills. Children & Adolescents can be also benefited from different therapies like adults. Child and Adolescents counselling provides a safe and comforting space to express, explore and learn.

Adolescence is a crucial period for social, psychological and emotional wellbeing and development. The brain will go through significant developmental changes, creating neural pathways and behavior patterns that will last later in life during this time. Therapy for adolescents can support with developing their awareness to deal with social situations, relationships both personally and professionally including peer pressure and family, education, sexual health issues.

We also work with the parents/ family to help to learn different strategies various strategies to deal with variety of social, emotional and behavioural concerns of children and teenagers.

Child & Adolescent counselling helps:

  • Self esteem issues
  • Confidence issues
  • Behavior concerns
  • Academic aspects
  • Parent-teenage conflict
  • Goal accomplishments
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Gratitude Mindset