I am a Psychologist, Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Founder of The Life Trails-towards happier you.

As a Psychologist, I have dealt with children, teens, adults reeling under anxiety, stress, depression, fear, phobia, relationship issues, social, behavioural and emotional problems. In my practice, I focus on psychological assessments as well as therapies with individuals suffering from wide range of emotional, psychological, behavioural, and adjustment problems.

I have drawn motivation from my own setback-to-strength journey to help others walk the path to individual accomplishment and happiness. My holistic approach has benefited people from all walks of life.

I truly believe that inculcating patience, adaptability and modesty are the prerequisites of shaping a dynamic personality. Working to the core value system is a firm belief in sync with the individual value system.

“My noble and unique vision is to empower people and promote happiness in their lives.”


  • Member of Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP) India
  • Member of Association of Indian School Counselors and Allied Professionals (AISCAP)
  • Member of International Association For Counselling (IAC)