At The Life Trails, we believe in a therapeutic alliance between the client and the therapist for a well-adjusted and adapted life. Being client centric we deal with people ‘s issues at the core level. We provide the hand holding necessary to enable our clients undo the knots in the mesh of situations, spot their outcomes, face their challenges, overcome the road blocks and realise their wishes.

We at The Life Trails, embark on a journey along with our clients to overcome hurdles, clearing doubts and fears and assist them in the process of Zooming in on personal challenges.


In the face of life situations like professional stress, personal issues, concerns about career, job, relationships, peer pressure, marital discord or any other, there is a dire need of a confidante who can channelize the thought process without being judgemental and suggest a way forward.

By delving into the root cause of the matter, we enable our clients to take the problems / challenges in their stride, and gain an in depth understanding of the issues at hand up close. This, we believe, opens a plethora of gateways for action and change.


Without the understanding – Life coaching is like a shot in the dark. If you are new to the domain as an individual or couple or a group or family – you may have varied expectations from none to miracles; but a word of caution here: Each individual is unique! Be it the therapist or client.

Every counsellor, therapist or life coach has a different ideology and work culture, so each therapist would have a chosen method of conducting a session appropriate for the client.

When the client meets the therapist for the first time, they are complete strangers. The therapist would try to understand the client as a person, an individual not just his or her problem- without making any judgments. So the therapist and the client are at a threshold of a therapeutic journey of faith where understanding each other’s temperament and expectation is the pre requisite to establish a comfort zone with each other.


There is no right or wrong time to seek help neither is there any early bird incentive.

Contrary to popular belief, life coaching is not only about mental ailments or major depressions. By speaking to skilled therapists / counsellors, people often gather themselves confidently and trace a new orientation.

If you are feeling unhappy, drained of enthusiasm, dis-satisfied, irritated, low or confused and you need a safe place to explore your thoughts and recount the solutions, counselling at The Life Trails would help. Those who seek help early usually find that they enjoy the experience and have healthier, more satisfying lives as a result.


All information and inputs from you are strictly between the therapist and you.


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