Our aim of parenting guidance and counselling is to take the stress out of parent’s life and make their experience of bringing up children more pleasant, enjoyable and inspirational for all the family.

Our service offers support, guidance and hands-on tools designed to your specific needs. Parenting guidance and counselling will offer you a life-changing programme of highly effective parenting tools which have already brought help to thousands of families.

In parenting guidance and counselling, parents are introduced to stress-management techniques, the art of appreciation, intrinsic motivation, calm mind, understanding of human behaviour, relaxation techniques, the power of communication and relationship building. We use a comprehensive approach to coach our parents by adding Neuro- linguistic Programming (NLP) methods into therapy to eliminate undesirable thinking patterns that reframe challenges of their life and enhance their success and happiness. NLP is very successful as it helps to deal with the subconscious mind. We will teach parents to use some of the NLP technique on themselves and those around them, making it easy for them to apply them whenever they feel their conscious and subconscious minds getting out of sync. With guidance and counselling, parents produce results by developing clear concise steps to determine intentions, values and goals for moving forward to a healthier & happier family.

Parenting Workshops can also be done on your special request. Gather friends and family for a group session on “Positive Parenting”

Parenting guidance and counselling helps:

  • Psycho-education for parents
  • Set achievable expectations
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Define boundaries
  • Conflict resolution
  • Realign perspectives
  • Being reflective
  • Welcome positive transformation